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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Is writing an underrated skill?

Writing is a skill learned at primary school. Nothing to be too thrilled about. It is like appreciating someone who knows how to sum two numbers. Does one plus one equal two impress you?

Now worry not. It is not about trolling or misinterpreting the question; the first paragraph is supposed to demonstrate that an unspecified writing skill does need any deep reverence. It is just commonplace.

Even a superior writing skill is not necessarily something to admire if the person who wields it has nothing substantial to write about.

The purpose of writing lies in delivering a message. For instance, one doesn't need greater literary education to inform one's auntie about an oncoming wedding in the family.

Sometimes even the fanciest text can be replaced by a less elaborate picture that makes the addressee more informed about the problem. Many manuals are better off with simple pictograms.

Thus, writing itself is a mere tool, and it depends solely on the authors how they put it in use. There are writers who became famous for being diligent even though their writing proficiency is hardly on par with truly talented people, and conversely, there are writers who achieved mastery of the highest level, yet the general audience has never heard of them.

Moreover, after inspecting outlines of modern writing courses, one has to realize that contemporary writing does not promote outstanding writing skills — on the contrary, they are trying to reduce the creative writing into a telegraphic, laconic SMS imposed on the fools who pay for them.

There is no essence in such a style. One can obtain proficiency in it just by using proper software like Grammarly or Hemingway app. These will guide their users in adopting the uniformity of texts that present no challenge to people with a finished high school.

But there is a reason to do so. With greater mastery comes the inevitable shortcoming, the number of readers will diminish as rich vocabulary and unusual sentence construction exercise a higher burden on the reader's ability. Concluded, with literary mastery comes loneliness. 

On the Internet, one hardly encounters a comment praising the excellency of the style. People usually appreciate the informative value of the post or the sentiment that complies with their personal perspective. 

Writing proficiency is very seldomly mentioned or appreciated. For most folk, the minimum they require is being able to understand the text vaguely, and if they approve it, they will upvote. 

Asking masses to change their attitude toward writing content is similar to asking them to listen to classical music instead of monotonous pop. Not likely at all.

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