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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Stop sharing secrets of your eternal wealth

Several times, kind-heartened people contacted me on Quora. Seeing my profile there, they came to the inevitable conclusion I need more money. Since they had nothing better to do, they did not hesitate and offered me the opportunity to invest my savings with a 20% profit a week.

Intrigued, I started calculations, in which I and a loan with 10% interest per annum made me incredibly rich. You know the stuff. A not suspecting bank, in which well-paid experts have no idea they can win 20% a week, will give you money, which as it turns out you can pay back in one week and the rest - the rest is your pure profit.


Let me tell you straight. I am an idiot. Instead of taking the opportunity myself, I wrote back to those kind-hearted fellows and shared with them the secret of eternal wealth. To my huge surprise, they never bothered to thank me, probably on their hasty run to the nearest bank.

Watching them being so selfish and not caring as soon as after they got their chance to live their American dream, I gave up on investment. The money will never ruin my character! I swear!

But wait a moment! Isn't it a little too late for this? The more time I spend on the Internet, the more I am sure I am an evil person.

For instance, while numerous selfless writers keep advising strangers on how to earn money in no time, I, after checking my publishing history, have sadly only the record of pessimistic or downright discouraging articles. I was ridiculing poor Twitter users, undermining consumer's resolve to sort plastics, promoting Japanese or Chinese novels (who cares about them, anyway?), and what is the worst, I was even bashing my own online novel.

Would you believe this? I will not blame you if you leave now. What if the level of dementia I tend to exercise is contagious?

Still here? If so, allow me to amend my sins while giving you sincere advice on how to avoid committing the gravest mistake ever.

What is it?

When people out of good nature write their articles for others, they evidently fail to realize that resources are limited, especially when we speak of money. One million dollars divided by ten is a nice sum to have, but as soon as the secret is revealed and the advice gets into too many listening ears, the share you can obtain diminishes.

Thus, it is in your best interest to stop writing those articles. Don't do that! Don't help strangers to earn your money, keep the secret for yourselves.

The moment you grab the pen in the selfless need to write another article on how to earn thousands of dollars on Medium, Twitter, or wherever else, slap hard your face and resist the urge.

Be selfish! Be selfish! Be selfish!

If even such a repeating mantra cannot pour some sense into your generous brain, do not hesitate and chop your fingers.

I and the whole world will bless your name.