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Friday, July 03, 2020

The junk food or The best online novel so far

While I was delving into the Reincarnation of The strongest Sword God (the Reincarnation in the further text), I was naturally curious what the others might think about the novel. Judging from comments found elsewhere, I would guess the novel was absolutely terrible. But this notion did not correspond with its enormous popularity and high rankings.

Well, sort of ...

As I am not fond of drawing my opinion from other people's remarks, allow me to share my review on the Reincarnation with you.

The whole serial novel is an excellent example of how online work should look like. I have to tip my hat to the author, for the stunt he pulled is extraordinary - at least in my eyes. Not only he or she kept me reading for two weeks nonstop, but he even got better and better while delivering the next chapters.

Not impressed? Just ask your typical Hollywood screenwriters and directors why they regularly fail to do so. Their sequels tend to suck.

For reference, I have checked a few similarly ranked Asian novels (MMORPG Martial gamer for instance) and even though I found them enjoyable, I would not dare to compare them to the Reincarnation.

From my point of view, I would put the Reincarnation on par with William King's Felix and Gortrek, the golden standard of modern action fantasy.

King and Lucky Old Cat do not pretend they care about shipping some profound literature; they offer beefy and straightforward action, with no romantic nonsense. In a sense, the story reads like Caesar's Gallic wars,  a remarkable war diary from the future MMORPG mixed with daily news, here supplied by voices of anonymous passersby. A quite unusual technique if you ask me. But it works just fine.

Frankly, the Reincarnation hardly ingratiate itself to everyone; on contrary, I believe there is a high probability you may dismiss it completely.

Do you want to know why?

Deduce points from total ranking if you
  • do not like computer game,
  • are incapable to accept cultural differences between your country and China,
  • consider certain repetitions as detrimental and unacceptable.

If you have a problem with the last bullet, what about asking whether typical Western films or books do not suffer from the same issue?

The Good prevailing over the Evil feels like a terrible déjà vu in that regard, don't you think? Or what about a typical romance?

On the Internet, I have found some comments, in which the community downplays the Reincarnation as junk food. Seriously, those fans seem unable to wrap their heads around the fact they enjoyed the novel, which was severely lacking in their eyes.

But this is a misconception. First, Lucky Old Cat was lucky (pun intended) with his/her translators and editors. Guys, if you read this, my sincere kudos to you. I could never translate such an enormous number of chapters (2400 chapters as of now!). I had even troubles to complete the reading, let alone to edit or translate such a monstrous text.

And as for literal and gaming prowess of the author, what can I say? Since I was fortunate enough to consume a great deal of books, including classics, you better skip any condescending remarks.

No, it is not like I am an uneducated fool who does not know his stuff. I am just honest when I say I did appreciate meeting She Feng, Aqua Rose, and the others from Zero Wing. The inner quality is there, just do not be afraid to embrace it.

Similarly to Marquise the Sade who suffered by sore eyes when he was about to finish his Justine, I, either, cried in pain when I got through 2400+ chapters on my mobile. Do you really think I am masochistic enough to endure such torture for any random novel?

To conclude, go for it if you can. It is worth it.

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