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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Protect your eyes

If you are serious about online reading, you may end up with strained eyes since online novels often bring an unlimited number of chapters, covering more than a thousand pages.
Do yourself a favor and buy yourself an e-ink reader, no matter what type or brand. Reading anything on screen with its sources of light, like a monitor or mobile phone, is excruciating and should be avoided.
In the same vein, as soon as a novel piques your interest, try searching the Internet for a version, available for download, typically in epub, pdf or mobi format. Or, if your e-ink reader has a comfortable browser (which is frankly doubtful, given the current limitation of e-ink display), just read the novel online from dedicated webpages.
Saying that the responsible writers amongst you should have already realized the implication of lines written above. Since readers are your customers, treat them properly, and prepare your novel in such format variants.
As long as your novel reaches a greater quantity of pages, spare the eyes of your followers by providing downloadable files.
The same goes for novel providers. If the site lives from advertisement, at least do your best to adjust the content for a clumsy interface of e-ink devices.