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Monday, May 04, 2020

What does mysterious Q-Field mean?

They ask sometimes what technology represents Q-Field generators. The truth is that Pavel Morava never bothers to explain anything, he just throws the unfamiliar terminology on confused readers.
The origin of such negligence came from his conviction that when writing a novel, the author should not explain every single thing, at least not from the position of omniscient deity; imagine a narrator who acts like a boring and obnoxious lector, commenting in great extent whatever is just happening on the scene–similarly to National Geographic or other documentary show, in which the life of wild animals follows the smooth and indifferent, yet well-informed voice of the TV host.
There are two reasons why Pavel Morava does not act in this fashion: firstly, the world of Sovereign is obviously fictional, which renders all detailed commentary futile and nonsensical. Very few people enjoy themselves when reading dictionaries, and if they do, they scarcely crave for imaginary facts with no roots in reality.
Secondly, to help a reader understand the unfamiliar world writers often introduce a sidekick who explains stuff on demand, usually in a humorous or genuine way. From the most popular, let’s remind Ron Weasley serving as a tutor to confused and bewildered Harry Potter on their first train to Hogwarts.
Sadly, the development in Sovereign, at least in the first installment, does not allow such a helper. The readers follow experienced soldiers, professionals with no need to ask who is the enemy or how the technology works, so attempt to describe Q-Field would feel rather ridiculously.  “Hey, truck-driver, should I explain steering wheel to you?”
The only exception to the rule would be Akane Anbi and her personality of a crazy simpleton. In the novel, Captain Gromov rolls his eyes when encountering Akane's ignorance which he considers shameful for a Space Fora pilot, just to realize later on that Akane was the only one who did not hesitate to ask and the level of knowledge was generally lower than Gromov would expect.
To put it simply, Captain Gromov is an officer of the highest standard, not exactly the superior easy to handle, constantly requiring more than the others would deem typical or necessary.
From the writer's point of view, the protagonist like this is troublesome as Gromov hardly needs an explanation, and more often than not, he believes the others need no explanation either.
Under such circumstances, informing readers on Q-Field became a daunting task, so sentences referring to it convey certain obscurity since readers cannot even deduce from what word the Q was abbreviated from.
Are you curious? If so, the Q stands for Quantum here. Without a doubt, quantum physics may tease, especially in 21. century, the imagination of sci-fi readers as the speed of light teased them in 20th century. Very few do actually understand the true implication of it, yet many do believe in its omnipotent powers.
Even most inexplicable phenomena obtains reasonable justification because quantum physics let the brave theorize about an infinite number of parallel universes, in which, as said with professor Hubert Farnsworth, everything is possible.
In this case, Pavel Morava abused quantum physics to deliver space battles with the feel of the second war skirmishes. When electronic warfare malfunction under the Q-Field, the place occupied now by guided missiles and strikes from beyond the visible range may be filled by tactical skills of pilots and their mastery in cockpits.
By the introduction of Q-Field, the first story of Sovereign got means to present the plot, not workable in a society that does not shy away from space travel.
As several times implied in the text, the Q-Field makes all advanced electronics unstable or unreliable, which results in adopting rather obsolete mechanic devices in military spacecraft that retake the control when the contemporary gadgets fail.
If reading this article made you curious about Sovereign and you don’t mind a raw work, still unfinished and flooded by all kinds of errors, you may follow this link.

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