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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Online novels for everyone

Reading or writing novels online is a vast land of unexplored traps and opportunities. To speak in the language of my alma mater, we are dealing with inter-disciplinary challenges, some of them being old, some of them being new.

Even thing as trivial as reading seems no longer to be a simple undertaking. We have to consider many aspects of absorbing content from various electronic devices, be them monitors, phones, or e-ink screens. And what about the enormous number of content providers and platforms?

Writing poses even more headaches; the successful authors do not need services of publishing houses anymore. In the end, aspiring novices are left clueless since the seasoned grizzled writers have no valuable piece of advice for them. All has changed.

The old days are becoming a laughingstock. No more a condescending editor rules the book market, no more we care for words of established critics. Readers are fully entitled to pick any story they like, no matter whether the story meets the requirements of publishing houses or not.

Meanwhile, the eastern tigers show their fangs and claws, receiving a help from western translators, who spare no effort to bring something completely different to their brethren.

English is thriving as a widespread world language with no almost no strict rules, coming in many flavors and vocabularies. Readers in English have to be forgiving creatures, hence, even though a lot of online novels would hardly pass medium English standards, they still manage to capture their audience.

Welcome to where everything is possible. Contribute to blurred knowledge on what online novels are and what they should be. Share your articles, blog posts, tips, novels, experiences, marketing skills, or whatever you deem related to the fascinating and blooming century of online reading and writing.

If you intend to help me spread the word, you are more than welcome to contact me. Let’s build this Quora Space together.

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