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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Do writers rewrite their work often?

No, most of them don't.

Not all writers, just the unsuccessful ones do that. There is nothing wrong with re-reading the previous work because this is how one gets the opportunity to learn from one’s mistakes, but agonizing over the text and polishing it over and over again?

Especially today, when online publishing became the most important (any the only viable) way of publishing, the writers need to learn how to deliver the content regularly. If one wishes to create or satisfy the demand, one has to learn how to write in fast fashion, while keeping certain standards.

Good enough is the only viable strategy. That coquetry, adopted by many Twitter writers who do not hesitate to spam their accounts with painful screams of self-deprecation, should be avoided at all costs.

Keep writing!

Keep publishing!

Keep promoting!

Keep improving!

That’s it. If the writing sucks, nobody and nothing (even one thousand of corrections) will make it better.

Still, practice makes perfect.

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