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Friday, July 03, 2020

The junk food or The best online novel so far

While I was delving into the Reincarnation of The strongest Sword God (the Reincarnation in the further text), I was naturally curious what the others might think about the novel. Judging from comments found elsewhere, I would guess the novel was absolutely terrible. But this notion did not correspond with its enormous popularity and high rankings.

Well, sort of ...

As I am not fond of drawing my opinion from other people's remarks, allow me to share my review on the Reincarnation with you.

The whole serial novel is an excellent example of how online work should look like. I have to tip my hat to the author, for the stunt he pulled is extraordinary - at least in my eyes. Not only he or she kept me reading for two weeks nonstop, but he even got better and better while delivering the next chapters.

Not impressed? Just ask your typical Hollywood screenwriters and directors why they regularly fail to do so. Their sequels tend to suck.

For reference, I have checked a few similarly ranked Asian novels (MMORPG Martial gamer for instance) and even though I found them enjoyable, I would not dare to compare them to the Reincarnation.

From my point of view, I would put the Reincarnation on par with William King's Felix and Gortrek, the golden standard of modern action fantasy.

King and Lucky Old Cat do not pretend they care about shipping some profound literature; they offer beefy and straightforward action, with no romantic nonsense. In a sense, the story reads like Caesar's Gallic wars,  a remarkable war diary from the future MMORPG mixed with daily news, here supplied by voices of anonymous passersby. A quite unusual technique if you ask me. But it works just fine.

Frankly, the Reincarnation hardly ingratiate itself to everyone; on contrary, I believe there is a high probability you may dismiss it completely.

Do you want to know why?

Deduce points from total ranking if you
  • do not like computer game,
  • are incapable to accept cultural differences between your country and China,
  • consider certain repetitions as detrimental and unacceptable.

If you have a problem with the last bullet, what about asking whether typical Western films or books do not suffer from the same issue?

The Good prevailing over the Evil feels like a terrible déjà vu in that regard, don't you think? Or what about a typical romance?

On the Internet, I have found some comments, in which the community downplays the Reincarnation as junk food. Seriously, those fans seem unable to wrap their heads around the fact they enjoyed the novel, which was severely lacking in their eyes.

But this is a misconception. First, Lucky Old Cat was lucky (pun intended) with his/her translators and editors. Guys, if you read this, my sincere kudos to you. I could never translate such an enormous number of chapters (2400 chapters as of now!). I had even troubles to complete the reading, let alone to edit or translate such a monstrous text.

And as for literal and gaming prowess of the author, what can I say? Since I was fortunate enough to consume a great deal of books, including classics, you better skip any condescending remarks.

No, it is not like I am an uneducated fool who does not know his stuff. I am just honest when I say I did appreciate meeting She Feng, Aqua Rose, and the others from Zero Wing. The inner quality is there, just do not be afraid to embrace it.

Similarly to Marquise the Sade who suffered by sore eyes when he was about to finish his Justine, I, either, cried in pain when I got through 2400+ chapters on my mobile. Do you really think I am masochistic enough to endure such torture for any random novel?

To conclude, go for it if you can. It is worth it.

Shameless self-promotion

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If you are looking for some sci-fi to read, you are welcome to try my Sovereign.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Protect your eyes

If you are serious about online reading, you may end up with strained eyes since online novels often bring an unlimited number of chapters, covering more than a thousand pages.
Do yourself a favor and buy yourself an e-ink reader, no matter what type or brand. Reading anything on screen with its sources of light, like a monitor or mobile phone, is excruciating and should be avoided.
In the same vein, as soon as a novel piques your interest, try searching the Internet for a version, available for download, typically in epub, pdf or mobi format. Or, if your e-ink reader has a comfortable browser (which is frankly doubtful, given the current limitation of e-ink display), just read the novel online from dedicated webpages.
Saying that the responsible writers amongst you should have already realized the implication of lines written above. Since readers are your customers, treat them properly, and prepare your novel in such format variants.
As long as your novel reaches a greater quantity of pages, spare the eyes of your followers by providing downloadable files.
The same goes for novel providers. If the site lives from advertisement, at least do your best to adjust the content for a clumsy interface of e-ink devices.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Online novels for everyone

Reading or writing novels online is a vast land of unexplored traps and opportunities. To speak in the language of my alma mater, we are dealing with inter-disciplinary challenges, some of them being old, some of them being new.

Even thing as trivial as reading seems no longer to be a simple undertaking. We have to consider many aspects of absorbing content from various electronic devices, be them monitors, phones, or e-ink screens. And what about the enormous number of content providers and platforms?

Writing poses even more headaches; the successful authors do not need services of publishing houses anymore. In the end, aspiring novices are left clueless since the seasoned grizzled writers have no valuable piece of advice for them. All has changed.

The old days are becoming a laughingstock. No more a condescending editor rules the book market, no more we care for words of established critics. Readers are fully entitled to pick any story they like, no matter whether the story meets the requirements of publishing houses or not.

Meanwhile, the eastern tigers show their fangs and claws, receiving a help from western translators, who spare no effort to bring something completely different to their brethren.

English is thriving as a widespread world language with no almost no strict rules, coming in many flavors and vocabularies. Readers in English have to be forgiving creatures, hence, even though a lot of online novels would hardly pass medium English standards, they still manage to capture their audience.

Welcome to where everything is possible. Contribute to blurred knowledge on what online novels are and what they should be. Share your articles, blog posts, tips, novels, experiences, marketing skills, or whatever you deem related to the fascinating and blooming century of online reading and writing.

If you intend to help me spread the word, you are more than welcome to contact me. Let’s build this Quora Space together.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Do writers rewrite their work often?

No, most of them don't.

Not all writers, just the unsuccessful ones do that. There is nothing wrong with re-reading the previous work because this is how one gets the opportunity to learn from one’s mistakes, but agonizing over the text and polishing it over and over again?

Especially today, when online publishing became the most important (any the only viable) way of publishing, the writers need to learn how to deliver the content regularly. If one wishes to create or satisfy the demand, one has to learn how to write in fast fashion, while keeping certain standards.

Good enough is the only viable strategy. That coquetry, adopted by many Twitter writers who do not hesitate to spam their accounts with painful screams of self-deprecation, should be avoided at all costs.

Keep writing!

Keep publishing!

Keep promoting!

Keep improving!

That’s it. If the writing sucks, nobody and nothing (even one thousand of corrections) will make it better.

Still, practice makes perfect.

Friday, May 15, 2020

When eastern tigers devour western parrots

Although I have ridiculed (not only) writers who use twitter for promotion of their work, entangled in echoing jungle of endless and futile screams, nobody seems to take an action to revert the implausible state of affairs, resembling so rats in the hope experiment I had read few days before.

Those rats when put inside of jar full of water were able to survive about an hour before they started to drown. After scientists helped them and put them back, they were able to continue swimming for more than fifty hours; simply because now they had the hope someone would come to their rescue.

Honestly, I have no idea why western writers still believe in miracle, instead of dumping all publishing houses and their services. Given the numbers of these writers compared to number of those who got lucky due to their persistence, I see no light for them. They should be better off by buying a ticket in lottery.

Is it just because receiving few upvotes from their peers enforced their conviction of being special? 

Who knows? Can you see the pattern here?

Spending countless hours of posting silly gifs and building net of thousands followers while pretending to follow them back, not revealing any work at all, provides several hundreds satisfying heart-shaped likes and in the best case, one or two solitary buys from kind strangers.

That's it!

Meanwhile, the online novels are soaring. Thousands of diligent writers, coming mostly from Asia, keep publishing their endless novels of various quality, receiving editors, proofreaders, and translators in the process.  

Oops, did I forget to mention the thousands of readers?

Not afraid to publish, even under the risk somebody would steal their stories, they just keep posting. Perhaps they know that being stolen is a badge of honor, perhaps they understand that as soon as the novel evolves, nobody beside them can deliver another successful installment.

Whoever reads this and is on the quest to find what is the next big thing in literature, I recommend familiarizing with booming segment of online reading.

PS: You may wonder what kind of literature we are talking about. If you like to play MMORPG or read about overpowered characters, try:

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Add a few more points if you enjoyed Sword Art Online as this anime probably inspired the author. 

 Be warned though. Chinese novels are rather specific, be it a translation of Chinese idioms, names, or story development itself. The western reader has to adjust culturally.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

How to write a novel?

What about changing the perspective? Take a painter, give him or her colors, blank paper, and ask for a picture.

Any experience artisan can manage to draw anything for you. A specialist in portraying may need just few hours to create a beautiful piece of art for you.

Now, what is the difference here? Probably the sheer number of portraits he or she has done before.
How many novels have you written so far?

See, no wonder you don't know where to start. A picture takes hours or days, so he or she could have created thousands of paintings. Most novelists are not that accomplished by wide margin.
The best approach I would recommend is to split your work into three main phases which comprise:
  1. designing,
  2. writing, and
  3. polishing.
Let's have my ongoing novel Sovereign represent what I mean. Surprisingly, I consider it complete, although it is far from written. Still, I know the story, its development, characters, and many other details.

Sovereign | Royal Road

And no, I have no notes whatsoever. I've just been telling the outline for myself, designing so the frame I have to put my next writing into. But of course, you are free to make notes, mind maps, or raw sketches as much as you need and want.

You can even write independent chapters. Today, with text editors nobody cares in what order is book written as soon as writers rearrange their novel in the polishing phase.

However, I would suggest writing in small pieces, called scenes rather than chapters. One scene up to 600 - 2000 words, depends on how diligent you are.

Trust me, to motivate yourself to write a scene in two days is far easier than to have done one novel in a year.

The last polishing phase comes after you have something to work on.

Monday, May 04, 2020

What does mysterious Q-Field mean?

They ask sometimes what technology represents Q-Field generators. The truth is that Pavel Morava never bothers to explain anything, he just throws the unfamiliar terminology on confused readers.
The origin of such negligence came from his conviction that when writing a novel, the author should not explain every single thing, at least not from the position of omniscient deity; imagine a narrator who acts like a boring and obnoxious lector, commenting in great extent whatever is just happening on the scene–similarly to National Geographic or other documentary show, in which the life of wild animals follows the smooth and indifferent, yet well-informed voice of the TV host.
There are two reasons why Pavel Morava does not act in this fashion: firstly, the world of Sovereign is obviously fictional, which renders all detailed commentary futile and nonsensical. Very few people enjoy themselves when reading dictionaries, and if they do, they scarcely crave for imaginary facts with no roots in reality.
Secondly, to help a reader understand the unfamiliar world writers often introduce a sidekick who explains stuff on demand, usually in a humorous or genuine way. From the most popular, let’s remind Ron Weasley serving as a tutor to confused and bewildered Harry Potter on their first train to Hogwarts.
Sadly, the development in Sovereign, at least in the first installment, does not allow such a helper. The readers follow experienced soldiers, professionals with no need to ask who is the enemy or how the technology works, so attempt to describe Q-Field would feel rather ridiculously.  “Hey, truck-driver, should I explain steering wheel to you?”
The only exception to the rule would be Akane Anbi and her personality of a crazy simpleton. In the novel, Captain Gromov rolls his eyes when encountering Akane's ignorance which he considers shameful for a Space Fora pilot, just to realize later on that Akane was the only one who did not hesitate to ask and the level of knowledge was generally lower than Gromov would expect.
To put it simply, Captain Gromov is an officer of the highest standard, not exactly the superior easy to handle, constantly requiring more than the others would deem typical or necessary.
From the writer's point of view, the protagonist like this is troublesome as Gromov hardly needs an explanation, and more often than not, he believes the others need no explanation either.
Under such circumstances, informing readers on Q-Field became a daunting task, so sentences referring to it convey certain obscurity since readers cannot even deduce from what word the Q was abbreviated from.
Are you curious? If so, the Q stands for Quantum here. Without a doubt, quantum physics may tease, especially in 21. century, the imagination of sci-fi readers as the speed of light teased them in 20th century. Very few do actually understand the true implication of it, yet many do believe in its omnipotent powers.
Even most inexplicable phenomena obtains reasonable justification because quantum physics let the brave theorize about an infinite number of parallel universes, in which, as said with professor Hubert Farnsworth, everything is possible.
In this case, Pavel Morava abused quantum physics to deliver space battles with the feel of the second war skirmishes. When electronic warfare malfunction under the Q-Field, the place occupied now by guided missiles and strikes from beyond the visible range may be filled by tactical skills of pilots and their mastery in cockpits.
By the introduction of Q-Field, the first story of Sovereign got means to present the plot, not workable in a society that does not shy away from space travel.
As several times implied in the text, the Q-Field makes all advanced electronics unstable or unreliable, which results in adopting rather obsolete mechanic devices in military spacecraft that retake the control when the contemporary gadgets fail.
If reading this article made you curious about Sovereign and you don’t mind a raw work, still unfinished and flooded by all kinds of errors, you may follow this link.

Saturday, May 02, 2020

What is new?

Hi everyone 

Recently, I was neglecting my pages. Not because I was lazy (which I am) but because I've concentrated on programming, self-improvement, and other activities the general audience may find highly praiseworthy. 

With "splendid" success I tried to explain a few programming principles to the world, flooded by articles of varying quality, dealing with coding. 

It is like bringing owls to Athens, isn't? 

You can follow me here if you care 

 Moreover, I have resumed (once again) my work on Sovereign, but honestly, being you I would wait for me to have it finished. I hate half-baked literature as fiercely as you. 

 Enjoy whatever you do!