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Sunday, July 21, 2019

What happens to people with low IQ in the army?

Personally, I'd spent one year in the army and I cannot say I was astonished by overall lower intelligence of green brains.   To pretend the rest of the world is smarter would be a great insult of the brave young men who kill foreign people for big money and become national heroes if some stray bullet hits the target. I am talking about NATO armies, apparently. So if your country is not lucky enough to be a member of that lovely and harmless organization, your military may differ.

The following short article, very unjust to the armies tries to explain mockingly what happens to people with low IQ, given they are reliable, hardworking soldier, who never mess up enough to get fired.

(Answered originally on Quora)

They get promoted I suppose. Every big organization keep doing this so I have no reason to think an army acts otherwise.
The career of not-so-bright hard workers usually tend to be steep. You know you cannot get rid of a hard worker just because he or she is stupid. Firing obnoxious or ineffective hard worker who adheres to rules and honors his or her superiors would set a bad example. Moreover, if the organization focuses too much on effectiveness, it might lead to massive clean up on higher places which is hardly desirable, especially for those who occupy the higher places.
With that in mind, what other choices one has when one needs to replace a diligent douche with someone competent?
Yes, to kick him or her up, somewhere into the blue sky where our troublemaker flies freely, causing more harm, but fortunately not in your unit.
Any other explanation denies reality of our lives. As soon as you float upwards, congratulate yourself because you could abandon unnecessary weight such as brain or similar.

All jokes aside, an army is hardly an organization which would value the intelligence, at least when evaluating incoming cannon fodder. The first virtue of a soldier is to obey orders and frankly, independent and creative thinkers may be rather detrimental to basic military philosophy.

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