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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Why to avoid Quora?

From all social platforms, I like Quora the most.
To go briefly through social media, I would call
  • twitter a shouting forest,
  • facebook a juvenile jungle,
  • linkedin a pompous desert,
  • reddit an uncomfortable dale,
  • pinterest picturesque subtropics,
  • and youtube eye-sore mountains.
Quora suits me the best because of its two-way communication which enables me to write and to read in the same time. You may probably disagree with me as all mentioned platforms allow meaningful interactions as well.
Nevertheless, beside pinterest and youtube with their specific format of sharing images and videos, all of the rest fail to work for my needs. Over the years I lost my interest in meaningless (the modern word would be toxic) discussions, loads of memes and funny pictures, or browsing through endless tons of similar articles.

Quora, on the other side, offers the opportunity to write lengthy text with minimal distraction. Compared to personal blogs, it neatly aggregates chosen topics to your feed, ensuring so that one doesn’t need to worry about staying with nothing to read. Thanks to rather strict policy, the presented answers do not suffer from mediocrity as much as on the other platforms.
Personally, I have joined Quora for several reasons; the most significant one turned to be the improvement of my English. Even with no intention to become a TopWriter, I realized gradually that my writings do not match the reason of why the Quora was allegedly founded. Surely, sharing my personal expertise, experiences and skills (be them from plastics, ecology, programming, or life) might meet Quora’s targets, but honestly, dry and elaborate putting facts on the table repels me.
I like to get playful with topic while being sarcastic; I am a horrible abuser of irony (and English for that matter) and what is the worst I tend to be biased. Furthermore, with the honor of meeting exceptional Quorans, I start wondering why so many excellent people sacrifice considerable amount of their time by supplying so-called content writers for free; not to mention how Quora added insult to injury when they start paying their partners to ask questions instead of rewarding outstanding Quorans.

Although I am certainly not one of these (Quora owes me nothing in that regard), it is still hard to chew considering the sad fact of how quickly the remarkable content disappears under ballast of insignificant answers; being therefore lost forever as Quora search engine is notorious in providing irrelevant results. I am not even able to find my own stuff there, for God’s sake.
I know, I know, Quora pretends to have noble objectives but my previous paragraph denies them. If Quora have ever intended to promote correct and elaborate answers, their creators would have put harder effort not only in the searching, but in the way how they fill our main feed; they would prefer high quality over freshness. In reality, the Quora just mask its commercial nature by refined words, while exploiting its poor content writers (sorry, users) with no intention to reward them somehow. Well, unless you count obtaining the title of TopWriter as a cheap, yet satisfying reward.
Saying all of that, my goal is not to make anyone stop using Quora. Just be careful with putting your content there. After years of effort, you may realize there is a way how to monetize your writing, for instance, by blogging on platform that even encourage you to win money. 

Surely enough, your work still belongs to you, but what you lose is the history of building your own site which is the most crucial issue in internet world - at least in terms of visibility for search engines such as Google or Bing.


Create and use your own platform for online publishing. You can share your posts on Quora if they answer Quora's questions accordingly. I believe this is the only win-win strategy for both sides.


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