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Friday, May 10, 2019

What beats matriarchy?

Matriarchy you say? It sounds quite ancient to me. I believe we should be ruled by humans with six fingers.
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They are rare and for some three undeniable reasons that I am going to explain properly, I am positive they have all necessary intellectual abilities to take over the world.
Are you intrigued?
You should be as I do not know any six fingered man or woman who had started any war. On the other hand, historic records are bloated by five fingered humans, be them men or women, who did not hesitate to trigger massacre just on whim. This is my first.
But not only that. Just think about it. If god did not intend six fingered people to rule over the rest, why would have created them in the first place? This is my second.
My third, most convincing reason is the inexplicable coincidence when I have learnt about existence of six fingered people from Murakami’s novel just yesterday, the day before I have decided to answer this very question.
As you can see the main disadvantage of matriarchy lays with its inability to compete with superior system of six fingerality (polydactyly). When you want a ruler based on biological disposition, you should choose wisely.
Or perhaps, you should follow lead of competent people, no matter what their gender is. Well, I hope I didn't went too far. Certainly, humans should take their time to embrace such revolting idea.
Seriously enough, the disadvantage of matriarchy is its doubtful basic criterion. Being man or woman doesn't matter, when we are all equal, right?
Now excuse me for a moment because I have to give a birth to our second child - we had agreed with my wife it is my turn this time.

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