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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Troubles with sustainability

After I wrote a post where I wondered how to treat supporters you disagree with, my friend asked me what my point was.

Admittedly, a mishmash of personal experience, anime, and teen criticism may fail to deliver the message; thus, let's have a second try with a focus on ecology.

Before we continue, allow me to inform you that I was educated in environmental technology. Therefore I should possess a better understanding of this area than the majority of the population. 

 Furthermore, I have been working for more than ten years in the plastic industry, which makes me (or should make me) a public enemy number one.

The fact that I (and my colleagues) are still alive indicates how poorly understood and analyzed is the plastics situation. The business is booming, and nobody fears the future. A shocking number of my co-workers omit the preparation of plan B. Most of them have no gun for the case that a wild crowd would like to lynch them.

I was kidding!

Or not. When observing the green activists, one has to admit that unpredictable reasoning is their most potent weapon. It puts me often into awe how greatly may their conclusions differ from conclusions of mine.

I hope nobody would doubt my position. I am greener than the greenest alien you ever met. I hate the overproduction of plastics, deforestation, pollution, and humans in general. Er, the last one deals with human impact on the ecosystem, of course.

Yet I'm not too fond of green activists and green ideas as well. 

To put it in a blunt American way: sustainability is bullshit.

 After you push your popped-out eyes back to the skull, allow me to explain.

Naive masses may think (properly indoctrinated by industry propaganda) that great effort was put in reducing virgin plastics' consumption by recycling. People sort out their waste with great enthusiasm.

"Mission accomplished," they think when throwing PET bottles in a yellow dedicated container.

Just a moment... 

Please, do yourself a favor and examine the content of those containers. What god-like magic would transform such smelly and hideous garbage into nice, clean, and fresh products? We do not possess such powers yet. We cannot travel to the stars, and we cannot correctly process any communal plastic waste. 

Actually, the PET bottles are the better part. But even though have you ever seen your near supermarket over-flooded with beverages, while asking yourself why are there so many of them?

In Europe, most of us have access to freshwater from pipelines. If you don't know how to make soda, consult the internet; the same goes for making flavored lemonade. If you need water to drink, consult your nearest water tap.

And if half-naked beauties from commercial ads make you believe that your existence will become healthier, more energetic, and cooler after consuming the bottled beverage, then do not hesitate and consult your psychiatrist. 


 Sustainability is a myth, a green pacifier for disturbed masses, and a fair opportunity to win some money thanks to green subventions. 

It is like breaking someone's leg and then apologize.

Hence, an example of how to support a useful agenda in the wrong way.

If you care for the living environment, stop breaking legs - er, I mean, stop buying plastic products excessively. You can have them, for sure, stop throwing them away. 

Learn how to save your money thanks to ecology.  

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