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Sunday, May 12, 2019

The only freedom we have or How to teach a lion to eat tofu

Western nations, while obsessed with freedoms, shows all signs of mental enslavement. There is one basic freedom and this is freedom to think. You are entitled to think anything you want.

Note my phrasing. I didn't write freedom of speech because this one is useless as soon as people start to auto-censor themselves. I saw many examples on Quora and from myself, too. As I am  trying to write in English (thus, even for Western audience), my words are definitely auto-censored.

Sad? I don't think so. My social controlling unit still fails to limit my mental processes. The sarcasm is my sword and irony is my shield. By wielding both of them, this man is able to express whatever he likes; admittedly,  not every time with all his arrows in the target.

Political correctness reminds preaching to spoiled children. Imagine class of rich brats who think they are better than their teacher. These kids are easy to offend; every single thing is an excuse for complaints to their parents. Altogether, they scrutinize teacher's every action; and when they do not like what they see, they immediately jump to conclusion and call lawyers to get the teacher out of the school. Because if the reality is too harsh for them, they believe it is an offense.

Am I kidding? If you follow my shares from Quora, you might have read the story from Safari - the one, in which nice Western lady got offended because animals do kill other animals. By the way, such fragrant denying of uncomfortable truths became official policy of the EU and the USA. In that regard, none of them can claim a win.

I warn you, my Western audience. You can get your teachers from the schools and exchange them with properly brainwashed ones; yet in the end, you loose all connection to real world and even if you keep pretending that violet is blue and blue is violet, they are not! (B.N.: See my politically correct juggling with colors. There is no way I would dare to compare white to black, and vice versa. Oops! I did mention those colors we are not allowed to speak about. Please, do not sue me.)

I would like to pretend that the lady from story mentioned above met a lion. She was not afraid because in her pink world lions do not kill.  To have her eaten would be too merciful, so let's pretend she survived, mutilated and maimed. For the purpose of our story, we can let her become modern apostle, preaching from school to school, that animals do indeed slay humans. 

The happy end? 

After few presentations, the lady was labeled as an extremist and ridiculed by "experts".   In TV shows, they concluded that lions did not kill living creatures and they ate tofu. 

But remember, you are still free to think otherwise. The last freedom you have.

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