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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ready for new revolution? I don't think so.

I was waiting for a revolution since I was fifteen and nothing has happened so far. As a father I have become unsuitable material for such endeavor.

Furthermore, my fellow citizens would never agree with most of my ideals, and I am too lazy to push my goals down their throats.
As far as they are satisfied with lives they have, not concerned with unjust force we had become in the very moment we had joined the West, I feel no obligation to revolt and fight for greater goodness.
Revolutions are made by people who believe in changing something. As soon as man loses all faith in humanity, he no longer cares for futile struggle.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the times are not ripe for any action; we can just take comfortable seats in audience and laugh heartily, watching the human tragedy that unwinds before our eyes.
This world is rotten to the core and no revolution can save it.

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