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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Modern reader in nutshell

In my last post I was dealing with modern literature from perspective of writer. In very opinionated fashion I dismissed traditional publishers as no longer necessary. I expressed opinion that writing should be one man or woman show, with limited help of paid services; those depend on generosity of one’s budget.

Today I am going to focus on readers. Some might argue that people read less. I agree. Or I don’t. Fifteen years ago, you would have found at least one opened book around me, while today my books serve as dust catcher in the library. Even so, I read as much as I have ever read. Only the medium has changed.

Wait! I am lying. Medium aside, there was more significant shift in my reading habits. When I was younger, I preferred thick volumes. The longer story, the better. I was regular visitor in public library and I thoroughly searched it for undiscovered treasures - the great books I could enjoy for considerable period.

Being as unlucky as I am today, I had very limited options as I had been a picky reader. Having no better option I often took books that had no appeal to me but my maxim was to read an unappealing book rather than not read at all.

With available online content, this is not the case anymore. In the meantime, while I am waiting for another great and long series that catch my attention, I am procrastinating (oops, I mean reading) over the internet, killing my precious time with quora, articles, videos and pictures.

The conclusion

I still do read a big deal but I do not force myself to devour content I do not favor.   I guess that similar approach is far from exceptional. Just a modern consumer in nutshell.

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