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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Is technology making us dumber or smarter?

Dumber, no question.
With more knowledge inevitable realization comes how little we know about the world we live in.
Mostly managers and politicians, with their limited mental capacity, believe or claim things are easy, the rest of us, who are relieved from burden of doing decisions and are asked just to solve the problems, have hard times to grasp reality, which is becoming more and more complex.
Simpletons, who happily gave up on understanding of surrounding world, dwell in wonderland of technological progress, why the dumber part of population gather depressing information indicating rather pessimistic conclusion: the more we know the more we need to learn.
Technology enables us to watch distant lands of unknown, while the flat-earth believers or religious folks see their positions firmly from the beginning. None of them struggle to comprehend the Universe because the Universe was created by god and it was good. They are not afraid of obscurity because they call darkness a blinding light.
There is no way of getting dumber for those who refuse to learn as getting dumb means stepping down from stairs of cognition, so those people do not need to be afraid because the technology has no power over them.
The learning minority stays in permanent danger, though. The more they use technology the bigger chances are they will eventually become complete idiots.

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