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Monday, May 06, 2019

Is anime mature?

I guess that being mature is somewhat identical to being boring. The mature people do not bother their surroundings with silly or sexually explicit jokes. They do solve only serious problems like starvation or global warming.
They auto-censor themselves into wise omniscient beings, politically correct all day long and their words hit the proper string every time they open their mouth.
Such wonderful creatures do occupy elite posts of high dignity, where the maturity bring prosperity to blessed nations over which they rule.
But wait… The sorry state of this very world indicates that they are failing. Sexual scandals, corruptions, racism, organized crime, all of them bastardize effort of well-behaved adults, probably because the world dwells in tight grip of permanent immaturity.
On the other hand, some of my co-Quarans seem to think that maturity is measurable by level of sexual or violence content, or perhaps by seriousness of shown topic; the most mature thing in their eyes might be a tragedy.
Furthermore, law of my country deems every human over eighteen mature enough to vote or be responsible for a committed crime. As I am over forty I am fully qualified to judge things, including anime, from a perspective of so called mature adult.
Thus, I am an authority and expert on anime in the same time.
And what is my opinion?
My unpopular opinion is that I do not need highly stylized cartoon shows to preach me about real life because you know I have one already, and I am in no need to be bothered with another one.
If anime becomes too realistic it will grow boring. Perhaps some happy few of intellectuals might have welcomed opportunity to discuss profoundly how 2d characters reflect faithfully 3d world with all its hopelessness and misery, but most of us prefer shows that help us forget ordinary troubles and that bring us to extraordinary worlds where our beaten souls revive in companion of half naked girls and overpowered heroes.
Personally, I do not crave blood and gore, harem or nose bleeding anymore, nor I am the fan of lolitas or adolescent heroes - but I do not precept them as less mature just because Western shows offer the same, only with living actors and actresses.
What is maturity to me? Oscar-like movie calculated to lead its audience to proper emotional state when people can finally understand the cruelty and unfairness of the world? Just spare me.
The children might admire maturity. The real adults are sick of it.

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