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Friday, May 17, 2019

Incompetence is sin!

People often love to pretend that working hard is the best way to success. Personally, I don’t like hard workers. I detest them.
Let me explain why. From my experience, these people work regularly overtime. Nobody would mind them but unfortunately, they often become welcomed example for management. “He or she can stay here 24 hours a day, while you cannot. We pay you the same money. What do you think of it?”
I think you should fire that guy or girl who is not able to do his/her work in paid time. Is it not the sign of incompetency? Not only his' or hers, but yours, my dear manager. Your responsibility should be to get rid of inefficient working habits instead of promoting them.
But expectation extended ad absurdum is not the only problem how hardworkers ruin people’s life. We are all aware that smoking  kills; the same goes for  staying overtime, yet nobody has ever seen Anti-Overtime campaign, with drastic pictures of burnt-out workaholics, ruined families, and successful suicides.
Several days ago I mentioned anime Claymore. I still remember one line from manga, hardly indented in the fashion I am to going to use it now:

Incompetence is sin!

The motivation behind staying overtime seldom reflects true needs of given company. People stays in work from different reasons and none of them should be addressed by increased working hours; except perhaps for the rare situation, when person in question just loves his/her job immensely. 
Occasional peaks in workload,  white crows and incompetency aside, we can distinguish three main causes of overtimes such is
  • inexperienced, 
  • understaffed, or 
  • mismanaged personal. 

Clearly, the culprit behind all of them is management (or lack of money at the best).
If your department is understaffed, you have several choices: hire new employees, reduce your business, or become more efficient. The latter option seems attractive, right. Why it doesn't work?
Because workers are mismanaged by their managers.

Do you need a proof?
Have you ever encounter a manager who would invite you for a talk asking: "Hey, why do you work overtime so much?"

I have never heard of this. Why not? It is quite simple. It is much easier to demand your underlings to work harder instead of focusing on their problems and solve them by genuine effort.
Imagine a car in a bad shape. It is easier to ignore the decreased efficiency of motor by pressing the pedal lower. The car service is expensive and why to repair a car when one can have a dinner in fancy restaurant?

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