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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

50 shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey offers unique mix of sci-fi, criminal story and sexual desire involving love with an animal.
The sci-fi part revolves about clueless heroine, who travelled in time and got into twentieth century, in which she struggles to grasp basic understanding of what is taught on primary school in sexual education.
Even if it is not explicitly written, a careful reader cannot doubt for a moment she had to spend her childhood in prudish middle-aged century, probably raised by nuns in a distant orphanarium, situated somewhere where girls are not allowed to spot male human ever.
While author did not explained how her heroine ended up in our universe and time, we can conclude that some mischievous aliens got involved, most probably the same kind who enjoys kidnapping poor farmers and probe them through all possible holes.
Sadly enough, I missed such picturesque scenes deeply and if author eventually reads these lines, I highly recommend adding aliens and probes in her next books, especially if characteristics of her heroines remain the same.
The personal traits, mentioned above, play crucial role in development of detective part that author presents afterwards. With ingenious intentions to serve her customers inexplicable mystery, the writer expects our reasoning abilities to figure out how her heroine, with significantly damaged cognitive functions, was able to learn how to read and write, or operate modern equipment such as computers.
Considering fact, that objective testing would place her intelligence somewhere between one-cell organism and weasel, all lovers of classic detective novels should admit that no famous private eye, Mr. Holmes included, would be able to crack this case.
As author forgot to explain given mystery herself, my best guess involves aliens once again: I imagine some advanced god-like technology, perhaps result from research on abducted farmers. Interstellar gadget, set on maximum output, might boost her mental capability to acceptable level.
Nevertheless, as we are all aware, the true qualities of the book consist of tabooed and unconventional sexual practices. Author describes mental disposition of young and successful zoophile, his struggling to enjoy lifetime opportunity; the thing that happens when a millionaire meets a cow.
What a story!

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