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Friday, May 31, 2019

Do we need math?

Recently, thanks to unexpected upvote from some Quora user I had an opportunity to discover my old post, in which I tried to answer whether programmers need or do not need mathematical skills. As it is apparent, I offered rather uncompromising attitude inclining towards necessity of math in modern human life with no exceptions for programmers.

Allow me to paraphrase Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
•    It is just in a math where the skilled programmers differ from the Gregson and Lestrade type."
Frankly, a math is needed in almost everything what involves a modern human being. At least, to count to one hundred is expected from any man, with no exception for programmers.
There is Amazon tribe where they count 0,1,2,4 and many. Even for them, an elementary level of math is necessary.
With that in mind, what exactly makes anyone believe that math is not required in highly abstract thinking as modern programming is?
Quoting from wiki:
•    Mathematics is the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change…
Do you try to pretend that even web programming is not about such stuff?!
Put simply, the more you know about math, the better programming level you might achieve.
The vast ignorance shown in “No” answers here (on Quora) is the difference between ability to drive a car from point-to-point and ability to build car and drive it from point-to-point. The former might be a professional driver, the latter an engineer. Damned, what is so exciting about aiming to be the professional driver? And rest assured that professional drivers will tell you the same: We are driving a lot, and we don't need mechanical engineering.
Those who claim that a math is not needed receives a confidence from the simple fact that they are able to make a computer do what they wish. In reality, during their journey, they instinctively reach some level of math understanding (even if they deny so).
Math is formalized a bullet-proof system of thinking evolving for thousands of years. On the other side, programming is an error-prone invention, fragile and unreliable. Programming is to some extent crippled and compromised way how to do applied math. You can bet that one hundred year later there will be completely different way how to program but the math will stay the same.

The decision what you prefer is up to you.

But once again. You need math in modern life, even if you deny so.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Overlord?

The success of Overlord seems to contradict all possible reviews one can find on dedicated webs. Curiously enough, the shockingly negative criticism does not correspond with positive ratings of the show.

Why is that?

Allow me to offer my personal reasons why I found the Overlord so appealing, explaining at the same time why one can observe such difference between reviewers and the rest of the community.

Being a fan of anime for more than 10 years I always appreciated its
  •     originality,
  •     unique style,
  •     Japanese voice actors and actresses,
  •     and the courage to dismiss or neglect all rules of Western story building.

  Unfortunately, the more I consumed them, the more I got tired by some elements that became way too repetitive. And no, I am not referring to infamous nose bleeding as I removed ecchi from my list a long time ago.

Rather than that, I started to notice how anime episodes got filled with stereotypes and uniform dialogs that feel like poor replacement for good old inventions. When having no better idea, just let kids deal blows, shout techniques, and brag about never surrounding. Cover them in blood. Then, let the brats win.

For instance, let's focus on popular three: 

  •     Fairy tail,
  •     Attack on titan,
  •     and Sword art online.

Before you read the next lines consisting of pure bashing, please do understand that your mileage and taste may vary. I am offering my humble opinion, influenced by long exposition to the wonderful world of anime. I apologize in advance if you are a fan of the mentioned series.

Bashing or I am so sorry

Just compare Fairy tail to Hunters vs Hunters. The predictability of former of how the power of friendship triumphs over the Evil (whatever it might be) effectively made me stop following the show. Hunter vs hunter actually had the story while Lucy's bikini won't hide the fact that Fairy tail is permanently exploiting Caesar's maximum: vene, vidi, vici. But Iulius Caesar said it only once!  No circumstances are dire enough to be not overcome with cheezy nakama attitude, over and over again. To lose is not an option, apparently.

When speaking about Attack on titans I realized that the visual superiority cannot cover the emptiness of its story-telling which actually comprises obnoxious outbursts of loosened nerves and traumatic flashbacks. One may call it art, but you know, I saw many of these sooner and better. Elven lied or Claymore comes to mind if you need few examples.

What about Sword art online, then? Just explain to me why has the main character to be a good guy who gets embarrassed when dealing with girls? I am forty now and I actually don't give a damn if one incidentally sees panties or revealed boobies. Just read Aiki manga to get a different hero or NHK if you crave anime.

In my opinion, Sword art online was destroyed by generic characters. The main hero aside, at the moment when the first lolita with a problem to express her mind (without 5 minutes blushing and abuse of "Eto, eto...") cross my way I swear  I will skin her alive to teach that annoying emo being fluent. If not in love, then in pain. 

OK, I let myself carried away. No lolitas were harmed so far,  but you got my point and perhaps you may understand the state of my mind bringing me on verge of dismissing all new anime shows as unwatchable and irritating.

Then comes the Overlord

In the first episode, when Momonga struggled to touch Albedo's breasts I thought: "And here we go again!" Then, clumsy and adorable Mare jumped from heights and almost collapsed. Oh no, kawaii my- er, bottom. Finally, Momonga was indifferently watching a massacre in Carne village.

"Wait, " I shout. "Are you not going to rescue the innocents?"

Sadly enough, he departed. But not he, but certain Touch me was to blame. Thrilled while being served with the protagonist, who seemingly denies all traits of heroism and humanity, I continued enjoying the show without further doubts.

And the rest is history...

Overlord decisively breaks the stereotypes. It is not visually appealing, the story sometimes gets wonky, some episodes serve no purpose, but you know, even though it brought fresh air. Momonga, Demiurge, Stronoff, Cocytus, lizardmen - all of them lack the typical teenage attitude of Japanese anime boy or girl. They are all mature  and I love it.

Here I may contradict myself as I wrote a rant against maturity a week ago, but there is a subtle difference in being mature and pretending to be mature. I would pick up Attack on titan as a great example of such pretentious show: blood, gore, stress, trauma everywhere; thus, maturity guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the cult was born

Some art possesses a disposition of being labeled as a cult. It has nothing common with its superb quality, or popularity for that matter. The cult is formed because people feel there is something profound or worthy under the shell. The tasty core perhaps.

In my case, the delicious core appeared in the moment when I finished the last episode and felt I need more of Ainz, Albedo, and the others. I began a search for manga but something more exquisite showed instead: Light novels.

You may laugh at me but to that moment I really thought that anime is solely based on manga. The concept of light and web novels was unfamiliar to me, even though I had already read spectacular 1/2 prince and The legend of Sun knight from Yu Wo before.

What a joy it was when I realized that manga was not a synonym for the light novel. I am a vivid reader and if I have a choice I prefer written text with no further ado. Generally, comics do not suit my taste.

At first, I was afraid that Overlord novel would be just a telegraphic description of what is supposed to happen in anime, rather a screenplay than anything else, but elaborated Maruyame's style calmed me down quickly.


Despite being flawed, anime Overlord merely introduces the world of Maruyama Kugane and So-bin. Nobody can fully understand its true worth by only watching it; this is perhaps why so many reviewers misunderstood its value.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Django to the rescue

Recently, I saw thread on reddit, in which the replacement of Excel by Python was discussed. I skimmed through and realized (as expected) that everybody consider just one aspect of Excel, the data analysis.

To my huge disappointment,  nobody ever mentioned the second terrible aspect of Excel, the data storage.

Before you get started explaining me the differences between Excel and Access, let me assure you I am aware of them. Sadly, I am surrounded by coworkers who not only do not know what is Access, but who would be probably surprised if being told that they are abusing Excel in the worst manner possible.
About ten years ago, I adopted MS Access for managing data of some of our processes. Please make no mistake, this is not story about how Access greatly improved our data management because it did not. Actually, I grew tired by it over the time for three reasons:

  • availability,
  • bugs,
  • and scalability.
At the beginning, I was enjoying the easiness of creating model and designing forms. But as soon as I made my coworkers to use my database file shared on network drive, we run into several problems.  With growing number of production records, the main table became sluggish and not responding. 
Lately, the crushes occurred so often I didn't know if I would be able to finish my work.  
The last drop in my chalice was decision of our IT department not to have Access license for new computers. 

From my point of view, I got the opportunity and excuse  to make my data-driven application anew. While my coworkers were drowning in the unmaintainable hell of excel files, littered over the local network  in all possible paths, I start coding.
My target was to create thin client, hosted on linux server in our local network, available to all who have a browser installed on their computers - translated to plain English,  the app should be (and is) available to everyone, not only the lucky ones with licensed Access.   
As this post is intended for Pythonistas, I am omitting further explanation of what Python, Django, and relational database are. I intent to write another post for non-technical audience later. Nevertheless, the situation in chemical processing facility might be beyond comprehension of average software engineer, who never had the opportunity to witness real world in first person.
My dear friends, it is an awful unmanageable mess. No defined structures, several wrongly implemented systems, a lot of word and excel files, duplicated, incorrect, and inconsistent data everywhere, insufficient backups, no security and no training whatsoever. Simply put, something far far away from the environment you are used to. 

How did I proceed?

To make everything as simple as possible I developed an application based mainly on Django admin as  replacement of Access. Mind you I am no professional coder, so I my time was rather limited. To avoid complicated settings I just use sqlite database as there was no indication it should not be enough for my purposes. Furthermore, the backup of single file proved easier than backup of  full blown database like PostgreSQL or MySQL. 
To make it short, my approach worked. Soon enough I made a prototype application that had functionality to replace my old database and many of our excel files. Our management liked that (well, they have no better alternative, anyway) and my coworkers...
Do you expect me to lie about how thrilled they were? They stay absolutely indifferent and nobody annoys me asking me to improve their lives with automating boring things - or teach them the importancy of math.

To avoid any pessimistic undertone, let me assure you I was able to get rid of many incorrect and redundant data using Python and Django. The most import thing to note is that data in those files were result of long-term abuse rather than usage of MS Excel. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Troubles with sustainability

After I wrote a post where I wondered how to treat supporters you disagree with, my friend asked me what my point was.

Admittedly, a mishmash of personal experience, anime, and teen criticism may fail to deliver the message; thus, let's have a second try with a focus on ecology.

Before we continue, allow me to inform you that I was educated in environmental technology. Therefore I should possess a better understanding of this area than the majority of the population. 

 Furthermore, I have been working for more than ten years in the plastic industry, which makes me (or should make me) a public enemy number one.

The fact that I (and my colleagues) are still alive indicates how poorly understood and analyzed is the plastics situation. The business is booming, and nobody fears the future. A shocking number of my co-workers omit the preparation of plan B. Most of them have no gun for the case that a wild crowd would like to lynch them.

I was kidding!

Or not. When observing the green activists, one has to admit that unpredictable reasoning is their most potent weapon. It puts me often into awe how greatly may their conclusions differ from conclusions of mine.

I hope nobody would doubt my position. I am greener than the greenest alien you ever met. I hate the overproduction of plastics, deforestation, pollution, and humans in general. Er, the last one deals with human impact on the ecosystem, of course.

Yet I'm not too fond of green activists and green ideas as well. 

To put it in a blunt American way: sustainability is bullshit.

 After you push your popped-out eyes back to the skull, allow me to explain.

Naive masses may think (properly indoctrinated by industry propaganda) that great effort was put in reducing virgin plastics' consumption by recycling. People sort out their waste with great enthusiasm.

"Mission accomplished," they think when throwing PET bottles in a yellow dedicated container.

Just a moment... 

Please, do yourself a favor and examine the content of those containers. What god-like magic would transform such smelly and hideous garbage into nice, clean, and fresh products? We do not possess such powers yet. We cannot travel to the stars, and we cannot correctly process any communal plastic waste. 

Actually, the PET bottles are the better part. But even though have you ever seen your near supermarket over-flooded with beverages, while asking yourself why are there so many of them?

In Europe, most of us have access to freshwater from pipelines. If you don't know how to make soda, consult the internet; the same goes for making flavored lemonade. If you need water to drink, consult your nearest water tap.

And if half-naked beauties from commercial ads make you believe that your existence will become healthier, more energetic, and cooler after consuming the bottled beverage, then do not hesitate and consult your psychiatrist. 


 Sustainability is a myth, a green pacifier for disturbed masses, and a fair opportunity to win some money thanks to green subventions. 

It is like breaking someone's leg and then apologize.

Hence, an example of how to support a useful agenda in the wrong way.

If you care for the living environment, stop breaking legs - er, I mean, stop buying plastic products excessively. You can have them, for sure, stop throwing them away. 

Learn how to save your money thanks to ecology.  

Friday, May 17, 2019

Incompetence is sin!

People often love to pretend that working hard is the best way to success. Personally, I don’t like hard workers. I detest them.
Let me explain why. From my experience, these people work regularly overtime. Nobody would mind them but unfortunately, they often become welcomed example for management. “He or she can stay here 24 hours a day, while you cannot. We pay you the same money. What do you think of it?”
I think you should fire that guy or girl who is not able to do his/her work in paid time. Is it not the sign of incompetency? Not only his' or hers, but yours, my dear manager. Your responsibility should be to get rid of inefficient working habits instead of promoting them.
But expectation extended ad absurdum is not the only problem how hardworkers ruin people’s life. We are all aware that smoking  kills; the same goes for  staying overtime, yet nobody has ever seen Anti-Overtime campaign, with drastic pictures of burnt-out workaholics, ruined families, and successful suicides.
Several days ago I mentioned anime Claymore. I still remember one line from manga, hardly indented in the fashion I am to going to use it now:

Incompetence is sin!

The motivation behind staying overtime seldom reflects true needs of given company. People stays in work from different reasons and none of them should be addressed by increased working hours; except perhaps for the rare situation, when person in question just loves his/her job immensely. 
Occasional peaks in workload,  white crows and incompetency aside, we can distinguish three main causes of overtimes such is
  • inexperienced, 
  • understaffed, or 
  • mismanaged personal. 

Clearly, the culprit behind all of them is management (or lack of money at the best).
If your department is understaffed, you have several choices: hire new employees, reduce your business, or become more efficient. The latter option seems attractive, right. Why it doesn't work?
Because workers are mismanaged by their managers.

Do you need a proof?
Have you ever encounter a manager who would invite you for a talk asking: "Hey, why do you work overtime so much?"

I have never heard of this. Why not? It is quite simple. It is much easier to demand your underlings to work harder instead of focusing on their problems and solve them by genuine effort.
Imagine a car in a bad shape. It is easier to ignore the decreased efficiency of motor by pressing the pedal lower. The car service is expensive and why to repair a car when one can have a dinner in fancy restaurant?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Modern reader in nutshell

In my last post I was dealing with modern literature from perspective of writer. In very opinionated fashion I dismissed traditional publishers as no longer necessary. I expressed opinion that writing should be one man or woman show, with limited help of paid services; those depend on generosity of one’s budget.

Today I am going to focus on readers. Some might argue that people read less. I agree. Or I don’t. Fifteen years ago, you would have found at least one opened book around me, while today my books serve as dust catcher in the library. Even so, I read as much as I have ever read. Only the medium has changed.

Wait! I am lying. Medium aside, there was more significant shift in my reading habits. When I was younger, I preferred thick volumes. The longer story, the better. I was regular visitor in public library and I thoroughly searched it for undiscovered treasures - the great books I could enjoy for considerable period.

Being as unlucky as I am today, I had very limited options as I had been a picky reader. Having no better option I often took books that had no appeal to me but my maxim was to read an unappealing book rather than not read at all.

With available online content, this is not the case anymore. In the meantime, while I am waiting for another great and long series that catch my attention, I am procrastinating (oops, I mean reading) over the internet, killing my precious time with quora, articles, videos and pictures.

The conclusion

I still do read a big deal but I do not force myself to devour content I do not favor.   I guess that similar approach is far from exceptional. Just a modern consumer in nutshell.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Modern writer in nutshell

With emerging digital technologies and possibilities to share content, this century has started the most thrilling times for writing and reading.
The diminishing influence of classic publishers and established reviewers opened the gate of literature for those who, under older circumstances, would have been sentenced to self-publishing or giving up on writing completely.

Well, not that a self-publishing ceased to exist (such claim would be ridiculous), but self-publishing evolved from embarrassing freakishness to recognized modern way of how to deliver content. 

Twenty years ago, when I had sent my manuscript to publisher with slight chance of response, I had no other proper meaning to offer my work to public audience.
Today as I am writing my blog, I do not care for publishers anymore. Sure enough I have no guarantee of success; but at least I am sure that my work relies solely on my effort . With no intermediator,  entitled to refuse a manuscript on whim, I am completely on my own and I like it.
Why is that? First of all, such shift had not negative impact on me. With help of publisher, I was lucky enough to release my first book and frankly speaking, it was rather cold shower for me. I still remember how the editor told me she stopped to correct one of my mistakes because the same mistake had been occurring through all my text. I was bewildered then, yet gradually I got to understand that I should not have been complaining; quite the opposite, I should have been thankful for opportunity I got as the others were refused much sooner.
Whatever! My personal anecdote aside, let's examine what one can obtain after breaking through the  gate of publishing house and getting a contract. 

One should receive three undeniable advantages: 
  • proof-reading, 
  • promotion,
  • and established distribution channel.
In my opinion, we can safely dismiss the latter two as insignificant in oncoming digital age. To print beletry on paper seems like waste of wood to me while distribution via digital  e-shops is available for everyone. 
As for promotion, from what I have learned, the publishers do bare minimum for their authors, unless the authors are the best-selling celebrities - the geese hatching golden eggs. In that case, I have no reason to doubt willingness of publishing house to invest into proper promotion. 
On the other hand, I wonder whether such celebrity would not be better off on her own, as hiring good marketing agency might be a cheaper alternative.
The same goes for proof-reading. One can find and buy decent proof-reading service if one needs to. Nevertheless, after my bitter (though limited) experience with editors I am reluctant to waste my money here.
Allow me to explain. Being not native English speaker, I would love to have a caring editor as  my command and sense of this language have to be inferior to British, Austrian, or American writers who enjoy natural advantage over me. 
But when it comes to my mother language, the situation differs dramatically. With help of modern text editor I more than capable to prepare my Czech text for e-publishing, no outsourced editor necessary.
After all, this is what I believe in. The true writer has to master his language to such extent that help of proof-reader  should be optional, not mandatory.  

Don't forget to check out this topic from different point of view.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

To support or not to support?

Allow me to share my experience from ancient ages, from the time when the grass was greener and I was younger.

Under impression of watching anime named Claymore, I had decided to write a fanfiction. Mind you, that text had nothing in common with original story as it borrowed only background and girls waving huge swords. Well, those girls, if I recall correctly, were half humans and half monsters.

 The plot and related story bear no importance. I published several chapters on some web for teenagers; the web had no affiliation with anime at all. Curious how would  young people react, I offered them novel based on Japanese cartoon show, written in typical European way. 


Monday, May 13, 2019

How to save money, heal the world and yourself?

Stop buying things
Just stop spending your money on junks you actually don't need and not only you help the environment but your wallet will appreciate it.

Stop using your car
Walk, cycle or use buses or trains if necessary. Once again, not only you save money but your health improves.

Eat less
Do not eat more than necessary. Not only you save money and improve your health, but once again you help the environment.

This is not a joke answer. Consumption of money, petrol or food is directly related to consumption of crude oil, natural resources and energy.

The more money you spend, the more damage you cause to living environment.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The only freedom we have or How to teach a lion to eat tofu

Western nations, while obsessed with freedoms, shows all signs of mental enslavement. There is one basic freedom and this is freedom to think. You are entitled to think anything you want.

Note my phrasing. I didn't write freedom of speech because this one is useless as soon as people start to auto-censor themselves. I saw many examples on Quora and from myself, too. As I am  trying to write in English (thus, even for Western audience), my words are definitely auto-censored.

Sad? I don't think so. My social controlling unit still fails to limit my mental processes. The sarcasm is my sword and irony is my shield. By wielding both of them, this man is able to express whatever he likes; admittedly,  not every time with all his arrows in the target.

Political correctness reminds preaching to spoiled children. Imagine class of rich brats who think they are better than their teacher. These kids are easy to offend; every single thing is an excuse for complaints to their parents. Altogether, they scrutinize teacher's every action; and when they do not like what they see, they immediately jump to conclusion and call lawyers to get the teacher out of the school. Because if the reality is too harsh for them, they believe it is an offense.

Am I kidding? If you follow my shares from Quora, you might have read the story from Safari - the one, in which nice Western lady got offended because animals do kill other animals. By the way, such fragrant denying of uncomfortable truths became official policy of the EU and the USA. In that regard, none of them can claim a win.

I warn you, my Western audience. You can get your teachers from the schools and exchange them with properly brainwashed ones; yet in the end, you loose all connection to real world and even if you keep pretending that violet is blue and blue is violet, they are not! (B.N.: See my politically correct juggling with colors. There is no way I would dare to compare white to black, and vice versa. Oops! I did mention those colors we are not allowed to speak about. Please, do not sue me.)

I would like to pretend that the lady from story mentioned above met a lion. She was not afraid because in her pink world lions do not kill.  To have her eaten would be too merciful, so let's pretend she survived, mutilated and maimed. For the purpose of our story, we can let her become modern apostle, preaching from school to school, that animals do indeed slay humans. 

The happy end? 

After few presentations, the lady was labeled as an extremist and ridiculed by "experts".   In TV shows, they concluded that lions did not kill living creatures and they ate tofu. 

But remember, you are still free to think otherwise. The last freedom you have.

You can read another article


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ready for new revolution? I don't think so.

I was waiting for a revolution since I was fifteen and nothing has happened so far. As a father I have become unsuitable material for such endeavor.

Furthermore, my fellow citizens would never agree with most of my ideals, and I am too lazy to push my goals down their throats.
As far as they are satisfied with lives they have, not concerned with unjust force we had become in the very moment we had joined the West, I feel no obligation to revolt and fight for greater goodness.
Revolutions are made by people who believe in changing something. As soon as man loses all faith in humanity, he no longer cares for futile struggle.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the times are not ripe for any action; we can just take comfortable seats in audience and laugh heartily, watching the human tragedy that unwinds before our eyes.
This world is rotten to the core and no revolution can save it.

Friday, May 10, 2019

What beats matriarchy?

Matriarchy you say? It sounds quite ancient to me. I believe we should be ruled by humans with six fingers.
Image result for six finger common creative 
They are rare and for some three undeniable reasons that I am going to explain properly, I am positive they have all necessary intellectual abilities to take over the world.
Are you intrigued?
You should be as I do not know any six fingered man or woman who had started any war. On the other hand, historic records are bloated by five fingered humans, be them men or women, who did not hesitate to trigger massacre just on whim. This is my first.
But not only that. Just think about it. If god did not intend six fingered people to rule over the rest, why would have created them in the first place? This is my second.
My third, most convincing reason is the inexplicable coincidence when I have learnt about existence of six fingered people from Murakami’s novel just yesterday, the day before I have decided to answer this very question.
As you can see the main disadvantage of matriarchy lays with its inability to compete with superior system of six fingerality (polydactyly). When you want a ruler based on biological disposition, you should choose wisely.
Or perhaps, you should follow lead of competent people, no matter what their gender is. Well, I hope I didn't went too far. Certainly, humans should take their time to embrace such revolting idea.
Seriously enough, the disadvantage of matriarchy is its doubtful basic criterion. Being man or woman doesn't matter, when we are all equal, right?
Now excuse me for a moment because I have to give a birth to our second child - we had agreed with my wife it is my turn this time.

Written for Quora: link

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Is reading a book just once good enough?

No, it is the opposite. I don't care much for new books unless they pick my interest. From my perspective, the libraries are stuffed with works that only waste paper they were printed on.
People write a lot, but they fail to deliver content I would appreciate. Not that the very same content cannot satisfy the other readers.
I guess I became too picky in this regard. In the end, I rather read the book I liked because it is safer choice. The try-fail cycle is too much time-consuming endeavor in my age.
Furthermore, I am skimming through text a lot so second time reading might be still rewarding experience.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

50 shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey offers unique mix of sci-fi, criminal story and sexual desire involving love with an animal.
The sci-fi part revolves about clueless heroine, who travelled in time and got into twentieth century, in which she struggles to grasp basic understanding of what is taught on primary school in sexual education.
Even if it is not explicitly written, a careful reader cannot doubt for a moment she had to spend her childhood in prudish middle-aged century, probably raised by nuns in a distant orphanarium, situated somewhere where girls are not allowed to spot male human ever.
While author did not explained how her heroine ended up in our universe and time, we can conclude that some mischievous aliens got involved, most probably the same kind who enjoys kidnapping poor farmers and probe them through all possible holes.
Sadly enough, I missed such picturesque scenes deeply and if author eventually reads these lines, I highly recommend adding aliens and probes in her next books, especially if characteristics of her heroines remain the same.
The personal traits, mentioned above, play crucial role in development of detective part that author presents afterwards. With ingenious intentions to serve her customers inexplicable mystery, the writer expects our reasoning abilities to figure out how her heroine, with significantly damaged cognitive functions, was able to learn how to read and write, or operate modern equipment such as computers.
Considering fact, that objective testing would place her intelligence somewhere between one-cell organism and weasel, all lovers of classic detective novels should admit that no famous private eye, Mr. Holmes included, would be able to crack this case.
As author forgot to explain given mystery herself, my best guess involves aliens once again: I imagine some advanced god-like technology, perhaps result from research on abducted farmers. Interstellar gadget, set on maximum output, might boost her mental capability to acceptable level.
Nevertheless, as we are all aware, the true qualities of the book consist of tabooed and unconventional sexual practices. Author describes mental disposition of young and successful zoophile, his struggling to enjoy lifetime opportunity; the thing that happens when a millionaire meets a cow.
What a story!

Written for Quora: link

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Is technology making us dumber or smarter?

Dumber, no question.
With more knowledge inevitable realization comes how little we know about the world we live in.
Mostly managers and politicians, with their limited mental capacity, believe or claim things are easy, the rest of us, who are relieved from burden of doing decisions and are asked just to solve the problems, have hard times to grasp reality, which is becoming more and more complex.
Simpletons, who happily gave up on understanding of surrounding world, dwell in wonderland of technological progress, why the dumber part of population gather depressing information indicating rather pessimistic conclusion: the more we know the more we need to learn.
Technology enables us to watch distant lands of unknown, while the flat-earth believers or religious folks see their positions firmly from the beginning. None of them struggle to comprehend the Universe because the Universe was created by god and it was good. They are not afraid of obscurity because they call darkness a blinding light.
There is no way of getting dumber for those who refuse to learn as getting dumb means stepping down from stairs of cognition, so those people do not need to be afraid because the technology has no power over them.
The learning minority stays in permanent danger, though. The more they use technology the bigger chances are they will eventually become complete idiots.

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The worst book ever?

Ladies and gentlemen,

allow me to introduce

Certain E. Cline decided to write the worst book ever, and he succeeded brilliantly.
I would call Fifty shades or Twilight masterpieces if compared to this one. By the way, this book received quite positive reviews, at least judging from goodreading stars:

Allow me to quote the very first review from the page from Ariel:
Believe me when I say I was ready to love this book. Ready Player One was so great! And this was about video games and alien invasions! I jumped in to Armada ready to be caught by an awesome net.
… and instead fell flat on my face. On concrete. And then a piano fell on me.
Exactly so! I was ready to enjoy this book because you know I love similar plots. Life mixed with games, another realities, game-like environment - I thoroughly enjoyed Overlord light novel and many others (except for Sword art online). I really recommend Overlord, by the way.
Nevertheless, such naive and idiotic story was too much even for me. On the other hand, had you ever need a proof that even utterly inferior book might become successful you don't need to search any further. The proof exists and was delivered by Mr. Cline. Congratulations!

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Monday, May 06, 2019

Is anime mature?

I guess that being mature is somewhat identical to being boring. The mature people do not bother their surroundings with silly or sexually explicit jokes. They do solve only serious problems like starvation or global warming.
They auto-censor themselves into wise omniscient beings, politically correct all day long and their words hit the proper string every time they open their mouth.
Such wonderful creatures do occupy elite posts of high dignity, where the maturity bring prosperity to blessed nations over which they rule.
But wait… The sorry state of this very world indicates that they are failing. Sexual scandals, corruptions, racism, organized crime, all of them bastardize effort of well-behaved adults, probably because the world dwells in tight grip of permanent immaturity.
On the other hand, some of my co-Quarans seem to think that maturity is measurable by level of sexual or violence content, or perhaps by seriousness of shown topic; the most mature thing in their eyes might be a tragedy.
Furthermore, law of my country deems every human over eighteen mature enough to vote or be responsible for a committed crime. As I am over forty I am fully qualified to judge things, including anime, from a perspective of so called mature adult.
Thus, I am an authority and expert on anime in the same time.
And what is my opinion?
My unpopular opinion is that I do not need highly stylized cartoon shows to preach me about real life because you know I have one already, and I am in no need to be bothered with another one.
If anime becomes too realistic it will grow boring. Perhaps some happy few of intellectuals might have welcomed opportunity to discuss profoundly how 2d characters reflect faithfully 3d world with all its hopelessness and misery, but most of us prefer shows that help us forget ordinary troubles and that bring us to extraordinary worlds where our beaten souls revive in companion of half naked girls and overpowered heroes.
Personally, I do not crave blood and gore, harem or nose bleeding anymore, nor I am the fan of lolitas or adolescent heroes - but I do not precept them as less mature just because Western shows offer the same, only with living actors and actresses.
What is maturity to me? Oscar-like movie calculated to lead its audience to proper emotional state when people can finally understand the cruelty and unfairness of the world? Just spare me.
The children might admire maturity. The real adults are sick of it.

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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Is world a good place?

It is our nature to believe comforting truth even if it is lie.Yesterday I had to calm down my 6 years son who seemed genuinely afraid of death by lying to him that he, his mother and grandmother will live forever as an exception to the rule.
Even if he is intelligent enough to understand that he will die someday, he was fine after that because the authority told him what he needed to hear. In his years I was afraid as well because I was not able to imagine the void of death. I was scared of not being alive.
The good news is that after many years of living in this world, while tasting its bitterness, I am not afraid of death anymore. Quite the contrary, I wait for her impatiently.
What a sweet sweet happy end!

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