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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Aim at the dummies

The most successful predators aim at weak or weakened ones.

Politicians, marketing specialists or businessmen - all  of them are doomed to fail exactly in the very moment, when they try to target smart people.
Why is that?
Well, smart people are rare, obviously. From definition, they should resist click-baits,   tricks and brainwashing - you know, the common artillery of the trio mentioned few lines above. 
On the other hand, the fools are flooding the Earth and they are easy to devour. It is easier to get money and votes from them as their money and votes are equal to money and votes of smart people.
Furthermore, there are plenty of them, offering themselves for harvest.

  Thus, if you stare in dismay what digital predators claim to be true, just relax. You are not their target audience. But as soon as you find yourself hypnotized or convinced by their words, slap yourself and run for your life. They are after you!